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 Made2Play has partnered with Feed First ABA, LLC to provide feeding services to clinicians and/or caregivers with a child experiencing feeding difficulties. Our program uses evidence-based assessments and treatments to provide quality services to children and collaborates with medical physicians, nutritionists, SLP's and occupational therapists that are part of your child's team.


 Feeding difficulties can be complex and may be due to medical issues, lack of feeding skills, nutritional issues, and/or behavioral issues. A child’s feeding difficulties may be classified as total food refusal or food selectivity. Children who display total food refusal, regularly do not meet their daily caloric need through their diet which can negatively impact normal growth and development, depending on how severe the difference is between the child’s daily caloric need and their actual intake. Children who display food selectivity typically meet their daily caloric needs and insist on eating the same few foods on a regular basis. These foods are typically unhealthy or come from only one food group. 

  We understand that a childs feeding difficulties can be stressful for families. We work closely with the caregivers and provide ongoing support to families to help them better understand their child’s feeding needs and develop the skills to support their child. 

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