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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help children with developmental challenges to become more

independent and confident in their abilities to be successful in their everyday lives, from

playing to learning. Occupational therapists use play to help children achieve their maximal

learning ability and develop the skills necessary to become functional, independent

individuals. They support children with their fine motor, visual perceptual, motor

coordination, and sensory processing skills in addition to their overall strength and attention

required for participation in daily activities, such as cutting with scissors or manipulating

buttons. They focus on building connections with each individual child to build trust and

engagement to support their needs.

Some of the skills we help develop include:

● Sensory processing (ability to respond appropriately to various stimuli in their natural


● Self regulation (ability to calm self and attend to tasks)

● Development of fine motor skills (cutting, handwriting, etc.)

● Visual perceptual and motor skills (puzzles, etc.)

● Motor planning skills (following directions and planning multi-step motor tasks)

● Activities of Daily Living (buttoning, zippering, shoe tying, etc.)

● Positive self concept (motivate and engage child to help feel successful)

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