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ABOUT Made2Play©

Made2Play© by The Bedrock Clinic & Research Center, Inc., is an ABA center-based program focused on providing high quality services to children on the autism spectrum.  Made2Play's approach to treatment is based on each learner's individual needs.

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Made2Play's Story

Made2Play© is a unique program that focuses on naturalistic applications of ABA that operates under the non-profit The Bedrock Clinic & Research Center, Inc. The Bedrock Clinic & Research Center was founded in 2013 and established as a non-profit in 2015. Its formation was motivated by the idea that high quality behavior analytic service should be accessible to the clients and families who need them, that future behavior analysts 

should be able to receive free and comprehensive supervision from trainers committed to the science, and that the community could benefit from knowledge about the science via dissemination projects. 


The small clinic model, provides Made2Play's families with a personalized approach to Behavior Analysis.  Our BCBAs and BCaBAs closely monitor all programming and data and make modifications in real-time, onsite to ensure children make maximum progress while receiving treatment.  We believe in transparency between the center and home and have an open door policy for the parents of our learners to observe and learn.  Our center provides parent training both individual and group as well as training in the community and professional development for our staff.  


Made2Play©  has two locations and is working toward expanding our centers in New Jersey in an effort to assist other families that might benefit from high quality ABA services.

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