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​When you enter Made2Play©, you can immediately feel how special of a place it is. Our clinic model is like no other.  We are progressive, inclusive, dedicated and caring.

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Made2Play© locations offer a small, warm environment where our staff works 1:1 with your child, giving them the attention they deserve.  Each day offers an innovative approach to the unique needs of our Bedrock learners and their families.  


Our BCBAs and BCaBAs have daily access to your child and modify programs in the moment to ensure effective teaching is occurring.  Although our program is medical in nature, our centers provide an inclusive environment where children never feel like they are working.  We focus on naturalistic applications of ABA, which incorporates developmentally appropriate activities and fueled by the science of applied behavior analysis.  

Made2Play© focuses on teaching important pivotal skills while also teaching autonomy and self advocacy to our learners. We celebrate each victory as your child develops new skills.  Made2Play's© model utilizes positive behavior supports to assist your child with gaining skills.  We accept each learner for exactly who they are, celebrate and respect them as individuals.  


Learners are dropped off at the center at 8:30 am and signed in using a secure digital system.  Each learner is greeted by their 1:1 Therapist and begins their morning routine of unpacking, eating breakfast, and getting ready for their day.

Morning Meeting

Learners participate in a group circle time each morning with their 1:1 therapist.  This is a great opportunity for a group activity and children are taught school readiness skills while enjoying singing songs and engaging with their teachers and peers.

Individual Programming

Learners will begin their morning ABA programming in both their classroom and in the natural environment teaching area.  Our staff rotates every 30 minutes to ensure that each child is learning skills and generalizing with all therapists. 


Learners enjoy lunch together with their peers and 1:1 therapists.  Lunch is a wonderful time to work on skills and socialization with peers.  Each child brings their lunch from home.  

11:30 -1:00 pm

Individual & Group Programming

The afternoon session is an opportunity to finish the programming started in the morning session and to also go in an re-teach any skills that need additional work based on the data from the morning session.


Learners enjoy a snack together with their peers and 1:1 therapists.  Snack is a wonderful time to work on skills and socialization with peers.  Each child brings their snack from home.  

2:00 pm
Afternoon Activities

Our learners meet for a group activities, which may include yoga, music, dance and crafts. 


Learners pack up for the day and get ready to leave.  Parents arrive and sign their child out using our secure digital checkout.

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