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Made2Play© by The Bedrock Clinic provides high
quality services through a Naturalistic 
Behavioral Intervention (NDBI) model. We believe young autistic children learn best through play. Founded in 2013, we utilize a “boutique-concept” to our service delivery, allowing us to focus on a small ratio of children in order to provide optimal support to each child and their family. 

Naturalistic ABA Services

Playing with Wooden Toys

The benchmark

for early autism

Our Centers place a strong emphasis on verbal behavior as we focus on language acquisition and functionality.  Each child's is fully assessed using the PEAK Comprehensive Assessment and Curriculum or Early Denver Start Model  and programming is individualized specific to each learner's needs.  Our children experience an inclusive and highly motivating environment with their peers while receiving intensive ABA services by highly trained staff.  

When your child joins Bedrock, we not only embrace the child, but the family as a whole.  From the initial phone call, to the commencement of treatment, Bedrock staff will provide personalized service to our families with compassion, transparency and the attention that you deserve.


Located in Bridgewater,

New Jersey.

( Full-time, Part-time, Supplemental services).


support from highly trained staff with individualized



forever changed life.

About Made2Play

Founded in 2013, we utilize a “boutique-concept” to our service delivery, allowing us to focus on a small ratio of children in order to provide optimal support to each child and their family. Our program serves a small ratio of children, setting us apart from larger organizations where volume is prioritized rather than quality outcomes. Utilizing state-of-the-art behavior analytic technology, compassion, and acceptance we help our learners develop a lifelong love of learning.

The Clinic

Our in-clinic component of our organization offers children between the ages of 16 months - 5 years of age with developmental disabilities, a full-day intensive Naturalistic ABA program that focuses on skill/language acquisition, social skills, daily living/independence skills and behavioral supports.

Our unique program has an emphasis on naturalistic applications of applied behavior analysis.  We incorporate Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET) to inspire learning in an effortless way.

Educational Toys

& Training

Our organization recognizes the obstacles that the science of Applied Behavior Analysis faces, and we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. We dedicate our time to disseminating the applicability of the science to our community and offer training opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in ABA.  We are always striving to make a difference.

We are a community.

Each child that walks through our doors is instantly loved, cared for and accepted for exactly who they are, not for who people want them to be. We pride ourselves on being a neurodiverse affirming organization.

1 in 32 children.

While the United States has a rate of one in fifty-four children diagnosed with Autism,

New Jersey has the highest rate of one in thirty-two children being diagnosed.

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